What is social.yyy.scot?

The Virual Steamie exists to provide co-operative, non commercial social media for Scotland. Anyone from Scotland or interested in Scotland is welcome. Debate on current political issues in Scotland is welcomed, but you're also welcome to post about anything else which takes your fancy, providing you bear in mind that there may well be children reading, and that you treat other users with respect and courtesy.

Posting in Gàidhlig and Scots is welcome.

If you would like an account on the Virtual Steamie, please email me and introduce yourself.

The Virtual Steamie is a Mastodon.Social server and exchanges messages with other Mastodon.Social servers around the world.

Home to 41 users
Who authored 4,844 statuses
Connected to 1,696 other instances

Code of conduct

You all know how to behave as decent folk. Do so.

Moderation policy

We won't tolerate folk using the Steamie to inject spam or hate-speech into the Mastodon network, or to make personal attacks on other users of the network. We won't federate with other Mastodon instances which do vector spam or hate-speech into the network.

We encourage the use of content warnings on posts which may be disturbing or provocative.