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OK, friends, this is, social media for folk in Scotland. It will run until the 30th June, and then the folk who use it will have a vote on whether it's worth keeping.

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«Free and malloc crash
Did I do something rash?
C what I did there? It’s trash!»
– Evif L. Rep

"It is naïve in the extreme to believe that after seven years, in which the UK government will exert a kind of colonial authority over the Scottish parliament, that the powers will be returned and all will be as before. Once it’s gone, it’s gone."

I've just watched Lesley Riddoch and Phantom Power's Faroes film, and I'm blown away by the quality of it. Not just as information but as production. Scotland can do this.
Watch it! via @YouTube

The poor should not be subsidising the blood sports of the rich:

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These numbers are insane. It should be the other way around!

I firmly believe we need to start calling NSAs and GCHQs of this world out on their bullshit. If you have ~$10bln annual budget and you leak a weaponized exploit, which then gets used in *malware*, you should be liable for damages.

WannaCry alone caused estimated $4bn of damage. Why should the victims pay for it?


"Westminster took it upon itself to pass a Scotland Act which “enshrined in law” that at least some fucks ought – normally – to be given about the Scottish Parliament’s attitude" - Andrew Tickell

Last year, a neighbour's enormous bull literally burst through a stone wall to get to my cows. This little chap is the unexpected result!

The weather has broken tonight; but this has been the longest spell of good weather I can remember in Galloway in 35 years.

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@simon_brooke looking at the source of these i can find so many great tools to improve performance drastically

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@valerauko I haven't updated the Luminus benchmark in a while, but it's really nice to see that it's doing pretty well overall, it's ahead of stuff like Spring and Play which are the most commonly used Java/Scala frameworks.

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"It’s very alluring to think there’s a magical formula behind project success somewhere. That’s the root of engineering: trying to find rules in the chaos of the world, to improve on the existing situation. But software projects are so much more about human interactions than about project management methodologies!"

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@Coinneach you're thinking of this Mark Twain quote I suspect

nd yeah that translates to coding quite well.

Regarding knowing how to code, I'd say it's never too late to start. :)

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@yogthos Did a French philosopher not once apologise for sending a long letter? He didn't have time to write a short one.

P.S. I wish I could code.

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"Philosopher, film-maker and activist Astra Taylor takes a more critical view in this fascinating essay, meticulously building an argument that most western countries are being run by a really bad form of democracy. Another kind of more direct democracy is possible if we can be bothered to strive for it. But there’s a catch – that would require the complete collapse of oligarch-led global capitalism."